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Social Media Strategies for Your Wellness Products

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Power of Social Media

Nowadays, no respectable brand out there goes about promoting its products without a killer social media strategy. And neither should you! Let’s face it, social media has become a quintessential component in marketing, and you only need one brief look at the world today to figure out why, and how. And if you are new to the market, the article ahead will reveal some of the most ingenious ways for you to promote your products using social media. So, let’s get started!


Wellness and Social Media

As mentioned above, a killer social media strategy can work wonders on wellness business as well. However, this is easier said than done, especially since the wellness industry is already extremely persistent in its social media approaching. There are literally thousands of social media accounts created for the sole purpose of advertising products, so how can you expect to break the ice and create engagement in an oversaturated market?

If you are new to this, we suggest that you start from this very point, namely the beginner level. The first thing that you must acknowledge is the magnitude of social media marketing and the basic elements that make it work so well these days. And it all starts with goals! Without goals, your business stands very few chances of going places, even without social media. To give you a clear example, there are start-up companies out there whose traffic comes from social media platforms in proportion of 80%, or higher.

So now that you have an idea about what goals you can set, and also reach, let’s dig deeper into some of the best social media practices that can take your products to the top!


Building Authenticity

Statistics show that the wellness sector registered a boost of over 20% in the past five years, even though the methods employed for advertising remained the same. Due to this, it’s very hard to tell one brand or product from another, as they all pretty much follow the same line. And this is precisely why authenticity is crucial for the social media advertising of your brand. Try to think outside the box, and come up with your own unique and ingenious twist, so that your products can imprint themselves in the memory of your potential buyers. Make sure to include funny memes, catchy images, and, why not, spicy jokes in your social media posts, as these are most likely going to stick with your audience, all while conferring authenticity and ‘realness’ to your brand.


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Creating Relevant Content

Needless to say, the market is oversaturated with bland, repetitive, and cliché advertising, and this is something that you should steer clear from. It’s only natural for you to think that a social media strategy that relies on the ‘power in numbers formula’ also has the most chances to succeed, but this isn’t necessarily true. More and more users are getting tired and fed up with reading the same type of catchphrases for the same line of products, watching the same washed-up commercials, and reading almost identical prospects. Make sure to always back your content with science, and keep the content for your products industry-relevant. This is what will create trust in the end, and also what will separate your wellness products from the vast majority in the eyes of your followers.


Adding a Human Touch

There is a very large number of self-proclaimed fitness and health gurus and social media websites these days that advertise magic potions and, simply put, systematically ruin the consumers’ level of trust in the industry. Like it or not, your social media approaching will have to struggle to overcome the reluctance seeded by charlatans and fake companies. As for the best way to start doing this, that would be by adding a human touch to your social media marketing. Instead of photos depicting 100 years old trees or the fountain of youth, consider using real people with real expressions and features. This will help potential buyers identify themselves in your ads, and will make them much more inclined to trust your wellness products.


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Hiring Influencers

From celebrities to self-made influential figures, social management platforms are filled with so many people whose online presence inspires confidence and helps promote quality products. As such, hiring a popular influencer has the potential of increasing both your brand’s visibility and authenticity. But you must be careful because the wellness sector is already populated by hundreds or even thousands of influencers from all over the world, so you do need to choose very carefully. Try to find someone that social media users not only admire but can also relate to. Once again, it would be a good idea to avoid those picture-perfect influencers that seem completely flawless, and, instead, go for someone who’s more natural and down-to-earth.


Using Hashtags

One of the most popular and catchy features of the social media business has to be the hashtag. If you will use product-specific and memorable terms under the form of hashtags, you stand all the chances of increasing the visibility of your wellness products organically. Not only this, but you will almost certainly expand your followers’ base and attract new people to your brand, people that most likely have never heard of it before. Hashtags should be one of the main elements of your social media strategy, as they will also allow you to associate a catchphrase, or a certain popular term with the name of your company, thus making it far more recognizable.


Organic or Paid Social Media Advertising?

This is actually quite a tough question, as there are pros and cons on both sides, and in the end, it depends on your level of involvement in your brand’s social media advertising. If you go for a paid plan, you will spend a lot less time and effort, all while your social media posts will keep on running, increasing brand awareness and generating revenue. But, on the downside, the moment you stop paying, everything goes away just like that! At the opposite pole, organic advertising is a lot harder to set up – it will take you quite some time and effort to build a reliable social media strategy for free. But the rewards will be on measure! Nothing beats organic traffic, It’s the most real and authentic customer base that you could possibly wish for. On top of this, you won’t have to pay any sort of revenue share for your new social media users, which means that everything you make is yours to keep! Analyze carefully the amount of time, effort, and money that you are willing to put into this, and then make a decision accordingly.


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Final Thoughts on Social Media Marketing

As we rapidly approach the conclusion of our brief guide to the best social media strategy, one thing is for certain: social media is here to stay, and, used properly, it could bring tremendous benefits to your business. We hope that the current article brought you more than a couple of useful insights that you will begin using for promoting your wellness products. And, if you happen to have more great social media marketing ideas, now is the perfect time to share!


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