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The 7 Most Common Mistakes on Wellness Landing Pages

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This is a guest post for the Aventive Studio blog written by Alex Buzan.

In the online world, the first impression is the one that truly matters. It is a crucial step to create long-term value and provoke positive emotions.


But still, many marketers overlook the importance of having an attractive landing page. One of the most common mistakes in allocating a limited budget for this purpose. On top of that, some marketers don’t pay attention to landing pages at all.


When trying to create a converting landing page, marketers tend to make a few mistakes. In this post, we will explain the common mistakes in creating landing pages. Once you go through them, you will understand how to avoid them.

Seven Typical Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Lack of Clarity
  2. Irrelevant
  3. Bad User Experience
  4. Bad Mobile Experience
  5. Lack of Trustworthiness
  6. No Unique Selling Point
  7. No Call to Action


Lack of Clarity

When the internet is already saturated with content, you must do your best to stand out. A first positive impression is a key to setting your wellness brand apart from the competition.


The first aspect to consider is the clarity of your landing page. This means that your visitors should get the idea of what you are offering quickly so that they can assess whether your product suits their needs.


Your wellness landing page copy should be clear and concise. Visitors shouldn’t feel like they need to solve a puzzle to get things right. Grasping your products and services should be straightforward for them.

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Presenting non-relevant content is similar to the lack of clarity problem; however, there is a slight difference. To fix this issue, you need to have a good sense of how your skincare products solves your customer’s problem. Your landing page should convince a customer who is interested in your product that it will help them.


People will buy a particular product to solve a problem. Some individuals might be looking for entertainment, while others might be seeking self-actualization. Businesses are looking for ways to cut costs or increase their conversion rates.


When you know your target customer’s pain points, you can explain how your product will solve them. When you provide solutions, you will grab the reader’s attention. Focus on succinctly sharing these solutions on your landing page.

Poor User Experience

A poor user experience is one of the most significant problems that marketers don’t address enough.


Your landing page’s design and layout might be difficult to navigate through, or it may not look attractive, or it might not reflect your company’s brand identity. If visitors find it difficult to use the landing page, they will likely close it and keep searching for products elsewhere.


A well-designed landing page will load quickly, engage your customers, and provide plenty of info. However, this doesn’t only refer to appearance. The page should be easy to navigate so visitors can quickly find what they are looking for.


Poor Mobile Experience

Over 56% of online traffic comes from mobile users. But still, many marketers forget to include a mobile-friendly design!


The mobile experience is a crucial aspect to consider when designing a landing page. Visitors who access your wellness brand’s landing page from their mobile devices should enjoy an optimal user experience.


If your site provides a poor mobile experience, you risk losing visitors – and when that happens, you can’t convert them into buyers.

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Lack of Trustworthiness

Working within a competitive industry requires you to gain the visitor’s trust. Don’t rely solely on your excellent reputation and previous customer satisfaction to convert your visitors.


Even if you have a vast network of satisfied customers, you should still do your best to ensure your skincare product is a good choice for new customers. Sharing the benefits is the first point, but it isn’t enough to convince your potential customers to buy from you. The fact that your product is the market leader isn’t enough either.


Marketers realize that the digital space has a lack of creditworthiness, social proof, and trustworthiness. Therefore, your landing page needs to present your brand as trustworthy and disclose evidence for your claims.


No Unique Selling Proposition

As a marketer, you are already aware that the wellness industry is saturated with products. Therefore, the customer doesn’t only look for a product. They are looking for the best product available.


For you, this means that you should let the customer know what keeps your products different from the competitors. Your product might be easy to use or cheaper than your competition, or you might offer a personalized experience that they can’t get elsewhere.


When deciding your unique selling point, you should know that you can’t be the best in all areas. Focus on your customer’s needs and shape a USP that best fits them. Some customers look for a personalized experience, while others look for cost-effective products. Have this in mind when crafting a landing page that converts.

No Call to Action

You might have a well-designed and responsive landing page. The copy might sound appealing and target the customer’s pain points.


But if you have all those elements and forget about a call to action (or CTA), your landing page won’t get the conversion rates you expected. The truth is that you need to remind people about the actions that they need to take.


A call to action is a straightforward way to explain the next steps your customer should take. However, shaping a good CTA can be tricky. Make sure that yours is clear and efficient.


The precise language should explain how they will take advantage of the benefits you offer. The action words will depend on your goal, campaign, and target audience.

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Final Thoughts

We shared the most common landing page mistakes to help you evaluate yours. When you understand these mistakes, you can take the proper measures to solve them.


Now you can recheck your landing page and identify the errors you have made. After fixing them, your conversion rates will improve, and you can meet your marketing goals.


If you need help designing your website and attracting more customers to your skincare brand, explore Aventive Studio’s past projects here and see how we can help you develop a beautiful brand and make more product sales!


Author Bio

Alex Buzan is the co-founder of the White Hat Link Building Service He possesses vast experience in the automation of outreach processes and helps individuals and SEO agencies with link-building activities.

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